Auto Parts Specials

Car Clean Kit
Save $10.00

Includes Glass Cleaner, SmartWax bundle, SmartWax washing mitt, and SmartWax microfiber cloth.

Regular Price $39.95
Sale Price $29.95

While supplies last. Some conditions apply. See dealer for details.

Get a Clear View of Summer Special
FREE Trunk Organizer and Glass Cleaner

Purchase 4 Jugs of Optikleen Windshield Washer Fluid for $29.95
PLUS get a Trunk Organizer & Glass Cleaner for FREE

While supplies last. See Dealer for Details.

Take Off Tire Sale!
Take of Tires $125 each

Goodyear Wrangler SR-A P275-55R20

While supplies last. See Dealer for Details.

Explore Our Car Parts Coupons and Tire Specials

Virden drivers on the hunt for auto parts specials on genuine OEM Buick, Chevrolet, GMC parts will find plenty of opportunities to save in our rotating list of auto parts coupons. Before you start saving, read on to learn about the benefits of OEM parts, and then reach out to our parts department to order the components you need at Virden Mainline Motors.

The Benefits of Our OEM Auto Parts Specials

Birtle drivers will have two options when they start shopping for auto parts: aftermarket and OEM components. Aftermarket parts are the loosely regulated off-brand parts that you’ll find at your corner auto shop. Our OEM car parts coupons and tire specials, however, are the very same components your vehicle was built with at the factory. Here are just a few of the benefits of using our auto parts coupons:

  • Durability: Unlike aftermarket parts, OEM parts were built to meet the rigorous standards of GM. That means that your part is much more likely to you a long time than an over-the-counter alternative.
  • Perfect Fit: Because OEM parts are the same parts your vehicle was built with, they fit perfectly, don’t require customization to work, and help your vehicle to run the way it was intended to.
  • No Depreciation: When you install off-brand parts, the value of your car plummets. When you install OEM components, it remains the same.
  • Coverage: OEM parts come backed by a 1-year/12,000-mile for added peace-of-mind.

Have Questions About Our Auto Parts Coupons?

Oak Lake drivers with further questions about our tire specials or car parts coupons can give us a ring at 204-748-3811. We’ll clear up any confusions you might have and direct you to the high-quality and affordable part you need. You can also explore our parts tips for more informative reads about available Chevrolet Silverado accessories and more! We look forward to showing you just how much you can save on our auto parts specials!