How to Check Car Oil

Mechanic checking oil

Most Virden drivers understand that oil is a vital part of your car engine but wonder how to check oil in a car. This useful task is easy to perform at home, so the service center at Virden Mainline Motors offers tips on how to check car oil and other useful DIY car oil maintenance practices below. Use our resources to find service tips and tricks in Oak Lake.

How to Check Car Oil: Oil Service Tips

Before we cover how to check the oil level in a car, let’s run through some basic oil service tips that every Virden driver should know.

  • Change Oil Twice a Year: One major reason to keep up with oil maintenance is that dirty, old oil can cause serious issues with your engine. Even if you don’t drive often, change your oil twice a year to ensure that you’re not needlessly damaging your vehicle. It’s generally a simple task to schedule oil service in Birtle.
  • Replacing the Filter: Oil filter replacement is a regular part of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. If you’re checking and changing oil on your own, don’t forget about the filter!

How to Check the Oil in Your Car

As with all things related to DIY car maintenance, your owner’s manual is an invaluable resource when learning how to check the oil in your car. It can include information about where certain components are located and detailed instructions! Once you’ve read the owner’s manual, follow these steps:

  • Cool Down the Engine: You need to place your car on level ground, turn off the ignition, and give the engine time to fully cool.
  • Find the Dipstick: The location of the dipstick should be in your owner’s manual, in the section on how to check the oil in your car. The dipstick will usually have a colored handle so it’s easy to identify.
  • Wipe Down then Dip the Dipstick: First, wipe down the oil on the dipstick with a towel. Then dip it back in and check that the oil is at the appropriate level.
  • Measure Oil Level in Car: There should be markers on your dipstick that indicate whether you have enough oil. Should you need to refill your motor oil, make sure you don’t put too much in!
  • Check Oil Color: Besides quantity, you should take advantage of this opportunity to inspect the oil for excess dirtiness. Dirt and debris will turn the ideal amber color of oil into a sludgy black tint full of particles.
Mechanic Wiping Oil off Dipstick

Get Oil Service at Virden Mainline Motors!

Now that you know how to check oil in a car, you can trust Virden Mainline Motors for certified service should you encounter any issues. We’re dedicated to helping Virden drivers learn how to care for their cars. Contact us with any service related questions you may have! While you’re here, be sure to check out our overview of how long an oil change should take!

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